My personal college essay about anxiety

Modern society and the pace of life provoke the emergence of a large number of mental disorders. Among them, anxiety is one of the most common types of such disorders. What are the causes of its occurrence and how to explain it in write my essay – we suggest learning further from my personal little research.

How anxiety manifests itself: personal experience

Surely everyone has heard the term, but not everyone can clearly explain what is included in the concept of anxiety from a medical point of view. It has many forms of its manifestation, but most often it is palpitations, increased sweating, dry throat, incoherent speech, and others. In some cases, you can observe a semi-fainting state and an inability to move around independently. at the same time, people prone to anxiety – like me – are often afraid of everyday life situations and can not relax even at home. This can also cause problems with sleeping and eating.

What are the causes of anxiety?

Their complete list is quite large, but for the most part, they are of a psychological nature. Among the most common are the following:

  1. Being in stressful situations all the time. If you work in a place where you feel uncomfortable, or constantly feel stressed because of the large number of subjects that need to learn and pass, most likely you will constantly be in a state of anxiety. This condition will be exacerbated when you need to do certain activities that are normal from the point of view of people without anxiety.
  2. A one-time or momentary state of anxiety. It can occur when you were unprepared for certain situations – for example when you were not prepared for a class or had to speak in front of a huge unfamiliar audience. In that case, the symptoms of anxiety will go away once exposure to the stressors is over.
  3. General turbulence in the family or country. In this case, anxiety will also have a chronic character, which over time may require the help of specialists. Sometimes the treatment of this condition may even require medical intervention, but this requires consultation with a qualified specialist.

Cure anxiety is almost impossible because it is impossible to completely eliminate from your life the circumstances that throw you out of shape. However, it is possible to alleviate your anxiety slightly. You can use various breathing practices and psychological exercises that will help to abstract yourself from an unpleasant situation and calm down a little. Sometimes you can take light sedatives, but to take them you need to be examined and get a doctor’s prescription, who will accurately determine the drug and its dosage that will help you and not cause more harm.

Ideas for a Research Paper

Here are some resources for finding ideas for a research paper.

Check the assignment. The first thing a student must do is consult the research paper assignment. It may contain suggestions on where to look for appropriate background research and for ideas for a research paper. The student’s ideas must of course relate closely to the assignment if the student wishes to receive a good grade on the paper.

Consult with the professor. The student’s professor will be unwilling to spoon-feed ideas for research papers, but will most likely be glad to engage students in conversations that can lead to good ideas for a research paper. When meeting with the professor, the student should provide evidence that he or she has done some reading and thinking on the topic. The student may want to suggest a couple of his or her ideas for a research paper to check the professor’s reaction to them. Often, the professor will suggest slight alterations to the student’s existing ideas for a research paper.

Check the literature. Most research papers include a review of the literature. This is a survey of existing research on the topic that provides background and framework for the topic at hand. Reading reviews of the literature can provide the student with ideas for a research paper. What research has been done on the topic, and what research still needs to be done? In some cases, existing research papers provide specific ideas for research papers.

Many research papers conclude with a section called “suggestions for further research.” These sections include questions the researchers believe have been raised or not fully answered by their research. They are essentially ideas for research papers that the researchers have come up with but not yet turned into research papers. They are open topics for the student looking for ideas for a research paper.

Research paper

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